A dog being vaccinated

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust held a series of event to celebrate World Rabies Day. We participated in several radio programmes with question and answer sessions. These were very popular with the public. We also held 5 vaccination clinics in various parts of the country and these too were covered by radio and television so a great deal of awareness of Rabies was created. The programmes included how to recognise Rabies and what steps should be taken to avoid it  and how to treat bites if you are unfortunate enough to be bitten . There was a great deal of interest created and we are receiving a lot of requests for vaccines from every corner of the country. We worked closely with The Department of Livestock Services, The Gambia Animal Welfare Advocates and Dr. Kebba Daffeh and it was great to see how much could be achieved with everyone working together.

Event images

Children lining up for vaccines with senior vet nurse Fatou Conta
The Bakau Team and some of the patients
Children bringing their pets for vaccination
a dog awaiting vaccination
one little boy and his dog proudly holding his vaccination certificate and some Filtabac cream for his dog's ears
volunteers helping on the day
The elders of one village came to visit and thanked us and offered prayers for the success of the project.
Children being taught how to recognise and avoid rabies and what they should do if bitten.
After the initial rush, our team went door to door to find dogs
our General Manager Langbaba Ceesay during one of the radio programmes
Emily Elgar, our  Veterinary Nurse, drawing up a vaccination.
A proud owner of a lovely dog, all vaccinated and vet checked.
Happy, responsible dog owners
An apprehensive patient