During presentation of the awareness

The statement that our organazation takes part the world rabies day was (protect from the biting  canine animals to protect from rabies)

Our organization (sahil environmental and veterinary development organazation) have done a wide awareness campaign for the world rabies day control in 28 September 2018.

We give awreness to young school children about the risk of the rabies disease and it's protection measures. We have prepared a good summary presentation about the causative agent of the disease, pathogensis, transmision, clinical signs, diagnosis, prevention and control of rabies disease, the we choose to done the awareness in 3 differnt disrict locations in sahil region(berbera, sheikh, and abdaal).

Finaly our activity finished well condition and we are ready to do any effort for eradicating the rabies disease from the world. And we are feeling that our country (somaliland) is where that the risk of the rabies is so vulnerable environmentally since there is no a good awareness campaign about the disease and even enough knowledge involving the risk of the disease, and also there is a more canine animal population in somaliland for example large dog population with have no any rabies vaccine.


Event images

This photo is the during awareness giving to school children
Group photo
Group photo
Somali Female veterinarian doctor involving the world rabies day control