Poster of the Event of Raising Awareness of Rabies Control and Prevention in NAU, 2020

The Event of Raising Awareness of Rabies Control and Prevention and Taking Actions to Zero Rabies on 2020 World Rabies Day at Nanjing Agricultural University


September 28th 2020 is the 14th World Rabies Day, which is the well-known global event of raising awareness and calling action for rabies prevention. In order to raise the awareness of rabies prevention and control among students, faculties and staff at Nanjing Agricultural University as well as the nearby communities, our College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Teaching Hospital and two student clubs including One Health Club and Animal Shelter Club, organize a three-day event to achieve the above objective. Our college students have demonstrated their eagerness of involvement and participating the Zero Rabies agenda in 2030. We hope to continue our event on future World Rabies Days.  


Date of the Event:

Sept 26-28, 2020


The agenda of the event 

Event 1Knowledge distribution and free rabies shot notification 

Date and time: 10:00 -12:00am, Sept 26th 

We got 55 free rabies vaccines sponsored by our Veterinary Teaching hospital at Nanjing Agricultural University for vaccinating pets without previous rabies shot in the local communities and free roaming dogs and cats in our communities. On Sept 26thour club students will be divided in groups and visit our local communities and distribute leaflet handouts and brochures, which includes the knowledge of rabies control and prevention and the notification of free rabies shot for their animals. Meanwhile, we send the notification of free rabies clinic in our teaching hospital to a abroad audience through our social media platform, such as Weibo, WeChat.    

Event 2 Interviewing a front-line expert from the local Animal Epidemic Prevention Center in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province.

Date and time: 16:00-17:00,  Sept 26th 

We have invited the animal disease control expert from the locla Animal Epidemic Prevention Center in Nanjing City to give us a brief introduction of the current situation of rabies prevention and control in our city and how to improve our rabies prevention measures in pets and free roaming animals. We will record the entire interview, play the video during our seminar next day, and prepare the transcript for publishing the content in our social media. .

Event 3Set up a booth in campus to spread the science and knowledge of rabies control and prevention

Date and time: 11:0018:00, Sept 27th 

In order to call more people to be aware of rabies prevention and control, our veterinary students will build up a student tent and booth across a high-traffic section in the campus, distributing rabies control leaflets, brochures posters which are related to the World Rabies Day. Some of brochure content are obtained from OIE, FAO, WHO and World Rabies Alliance.

Event 4: Seminar ’’ END RABIES, COLLABORATE, VACCINATES” Presented by Zhen Yang, Meng Li, DVM, Associate Professors of College of Veterinary Medicine in Nanjing Agricultural University.

Date and time: 19:00- 20:30 – Sept 28th

We will invite Dr. Zhen Yang, Meng Li to introduce the current situation of rabies control and prevention in China and crack down rumors of rabies, provide evidence based practice to protect our pets and ourselves against rabies. The seminar will also address how we better integrate the One Health approach to control and prevent rabies and other zoonosis. It will also explain the role of stray dogs and cats in rabies transmission rabies and call actions to vaccinate these animals properly. We will also try invite one rabies or communication expert from OIE, FAO, WHO or Rabies Alliance to introduce how college students could be involved of ZERO RABIES 2030.

Event images

The photo summary of the series events
Citizens from Nanjing city are taking their pets to receive free rabies vaccine.
Students are actively participating in spread the science and knowledge of rabies control and prevention activities.