Dogs are friends. When we go outside of our house and head to office for 15 minutes, we can see about 30 dogs on the way that survives in street by eating food given by the people around. Dog is respected culturally in Nepal and once a year they are worshipped, believed to be messengers of Lord Yamaraj, the God of Death.

But, there are several incidence that when dog that seems healthy bites, proper and necessary precaution or treatment is not followed because of the lack of education. There are few who listen to radio and watch television where awareness related to Rabies is given and shown. The problem is the illiteracy (42% illiterate), language barrier (that is Nepali is a national and official language but a country where there are more than 130 ethnic languages spoken at home and in their community, surely those messages are not listened carefully) and on the very day "world rabies day" and for couple days awareness and events are organized. 

We lack organizations who focuses particularly "Rabies" that is listed one of the Neglected Tropical Diseases by WHO, CDC and Public Health.

During this time: awareness through social sites, pictures and videos will be the idea to reach the people.

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Console Mission focusing personal health
Reaching rural areas with preventive chemotherapy shows that Console Mission intends to reach the challenging areas, mobilizing by developing local trainees in work and possibly help to keep safe from NTDs/Rabies
School is a good place where student and teacher are trained
It is important to organize Assessment to understand the need of the local areas - that is followed, a method of working of Console Mission
The board member of Console Mission consists health professionals from both government and non-government sectors who are aware about the importance of teaching could alert the society for prevention
Government linked community female volunteers (FCHV) are the targeted beneficiaries who are trained, provided tools and monitored to follow-up the training to put into action