members of the association preparing for the vaccination, during the world rabies day.

The Animal Welfare Advocates Association The Gambia, has been celebrating the world rabies Day  for the past three(3) years since its inception in the year 2016.

This year's (2019) celebration started with radio talk shows two (2) days before the actual day of the event i.e. 26th/09/2019. within various radio stations in the country (The Gambia) to sensitize the general public about rabies and how the association is going to celebrate this global event.

On the very day of the world rabies celebration, vaccination exercise was conducted in the regional directorate office of the department of livestock services located in Brikama. The vaccination exercise was conducted alongside sensitization by members of the association who came to grace the occasion.

Furthermore, the national  TV broadcasting station in the country called GRTS. was invited to cover the event and broadcast it for further dissemination of the information behind this important event.


Event images

an executive member of the association having an interview with the state television journalist.
on the vaccination process.
animal welfare advocates association The Gambia. on vaccination during the world rabies day