University of Ngaoundere

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This is a program of the rabies sensitization campaign by the One Health Club UN from Thursday 24th to Monday 28th September 2020

Day 1: 24/09/2020
Nature of Human-Dogs relationship.

La relation qui existe entre les Hommes et les chiens

Day 2: 25/09/2020
General Introduction to rabies

Introduction Générale de la rage

Day 3: 26/09/2020
Rabies transmission, human and dogs behavior that favor rabies transmission

Transmission de la rage, comportements humains et animales qui favorise la transmission de la rage

Day 4: 27/09/2020
Prevention and eradication of rabies in our communities

La prevention et l'éradication de la rage dans nos communautés

Day 5: 28/09/2020
World day against Rabies, Testimonies, advice to Dog owners and to local and administrative authorities

Témoignages, conseils aux propriétaires des chiens et au autorités locales et administrative

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