Dr Khan vaccinating while Keke handles

Rabies Vaccinations will be administered to pets free of charge.

All other vaccinations will be offered at discounted rates.

Event images

The setup outside in the Pulse Vet Clinic car park
Pulse Vet Clinic team
Dogs waiting their turn
Dr Khan prepping vaccine
Dr Khan vaccinating
Dr Khan vaccinating a puppy
Rabies Vaccine sponsored by State Veterinary Services
Prep at the back of the bakkie (van)
Dogs enjoying their meal supplied by KZN Valley Dogs
Dr Khan vaccinating Gogo's (grandma) dogs
Some of the pups brought for their vaccinations
Dr Khan vaccinating while Bruce handles
Dr Khan (Pulse Vet Clinic) with Salome (KZN Valley Dogs) & Bruce, Chanti, Nikita (all 3 of Sanctuary Project)
Dr Khan vaccinating in Inanda Valley
Dr Khan vaccinating a kitty cat while the already vaccinated cat has some tasty pellets
An owner waiting with his dog
One of the owners waiting with his 2 dogs in the car