Isaiah, MAlawi's first young ambassador for rabies prevention, teaches fellow school children and shares his own personal story

LSPCA rabies control team will visit school children and their teachers in Area 56 at Msiliza Primary School in Lilongwe on the 30th of September.  The team and Malawi's first young ambassador for rabies prevention, Isaiah, will share messages to 800 school children on the rabies virus, what do to immediately when bitten by a dog or a donkey or even scratched by a cat and how to understand a dog's behaviour.  Isaiah is now 15.  In 2018 he was bitten by his puppy which then later tested positive for rabies.  Delayed post exposure prophylactic treatment and misconceptions about which animals carry the virus complicated his young life at the time.  Isaiah now shares his story with other school children to help children learn from him about the deadly virus and to help children understand that not only large and fierce looking and acting dogs spread rabies.

Event images

Children learning from Isaiah using GARC material translated into chiChewa